Wash Project

ANCC in partnership with EPF is implementing a wash project in primary school in lira and Alebtong district. the project involves providing clean and safe water to the school and reduce the distance travelled by the children to look for clean and safe water, reduce water bone disease, so that people engage more in education and production work, reduce wastage of household income on treating preventive water related diseases and lastly reduced lesion hours wasted in search of water so as to provide more time for children to attain education.






All Nations Christian Care (ANCC), a Private Service Provider (PSP) was contracted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries (MAAIF) in September 2016 to implement the Vegetable Oil Development Project Phase 2 (VODP2) for two years in the districts of Amolatar, Alebtong and Otuke in Lango Sub region.