Our Director

  Bishop Tom Ibrahim Okello

Brief History

ANCC was formed in 1989, and legally registered in 1999, by a group of Christian professionals to respond to both natural and man made disasters that have subjected the people of Northern Uganda and South Sudan to untold suffering hence living in poverty. ANCC is working in north eastern Uganda. And in South Sudan ANCC is working in Ikotos county, Eastern Equatoria State. ANCC was started with aim of scaling up the provision of welfare service to the vulnerable persons in order to promote human dignity. ANCC works in four main thematic areas of  agricultural, water Sanitation and hygiene, Education and health, and humanitarian aid and relief. In recent years the organization has included the aspect of menstrual hygiene management in schools and communities.

Management Structure with Leadership Pattern

The Board of Trustees (BOT) Responsibilities

Initiate, Formulate and Implement policies of ANCC. Implement the aims, objectives and functions of ANCC. Manage the properties, business, incomes, funds and other affairs of ANCC. Solicit and receive on behalf of ANCC gifts, grants, donations, loans, subscriptions and other monies payable to ANCC and approve their disbursements and reimbursements as required and open necessary bank accounts for effective running of the organization business. Have power to co-opt any person as may be required for specific purposes/tasks. Do anything conducive or incidental to the proper carrying out of ANCC Business

Management:  The Executive Director (EC) is accountable to the Board of Trusteewhilethe senior staff works under direct supervision of the Executive Director. The project officers work under the supervision of program Manager. Project officers are in charge and lead the implementation of projects in consultation with Program Manager and Executive Director. In coordination and review meeting, the Executive Director presides over the meeting and takes all important decisions in a participatory manner.